Snohomish County Process Servers Supports Internet Accessibility for Elderly and Disabled Persons

In an effort to ensure internet accessibility for elderly and disabled persons who either suffer from visual or physical impairments, Snohomish County Process Servers has built this website to be 100% XHTML transitional, HTML 5 valid, and W3 compliant. Most of us would have no idea what that means. In short, by doing so, it ensures that our website is zoom compatible and is designed for 100% browser compatibility.

Additionally, we’ve built our website to be fluid, and 100% responsive, so that you may view the information contained on our site regardless of type of device you may be using (cell phone, tablet, notepad, laptop, or desktop browser), and regardless of the size of your monitor.

If you suffer from visual impairment or another disability and experience difficulty viewing our website, accessing information, or cannot find the information that Bryan Bulaga Authentic Jersey you are looking for on our website, please contact us for assistance.

If would like to comment on our website or make a recommendation, please use the Bryan Bulaga Jersey contact form located on this page, or by sending us an e-mail directly at: If you seek a response, we will respond promptly. If you submit a general Bryan Bulaga Kids Jersey comment or recommendation, we will take it under valuable and thoughtful consideration, and thank you in advance for your interest in bettering the level of accessibility Bryan Bulaga Womens Jersey to our site.

If you need immediate assistance, please call us at your next opportunity. For your convenience, we accept telephone calls from third party TTY providers.

TTY / TTR / CRS / TRS / ASL / VRS and IP Relay Providers and Information:

Federal Trade Commission National TTY Call Relay Service – and the Washington State Relay Operator Service: DIAL 7-1-1 from any telephone, and a TTY operator will assist you with your communication.

VRS / SVRS (Mobile, Tablets, and PC)

May be used from any mobile device.

  1. PC – Visit:
  2. MAC – Visit:
  3. Tablet – Visit:
  4. Mobile Device (Cellular Telephone) – Visit:

IP Relay Service Providers:

  1. Sprint Relay – Visit:
  2. Purple Communications (IP Relay) – Visit:
Links provided for herein, are not paid links, and Snohomish County Process Servers has not been nor will be compensated in any manner for the posting of said links. All links to third party websites are provided as a community service and for those who may have a specific need, relevant to the subject matter of the link provided.

“We care about our clients and understand the difficulties that senior citizens and persons with disabilities deal with on a daily basis. If we can Bryan Bulaga Youth Jersey ease those difficulties in any way, we will.”

Benefits for our Elderly and Disabled Clients

  • 100% Handicap Accessible Office!
  • Front Door Parking Available!
  • Elderly and Disabled Person Accessible Website!
  • TTY, VRS, SVRS, and IP-Relay Ready!
  • Free Door Service – Pick up and Delivery! – Local Clients Only*
  • Free Facilitation of Fed Ex Pick up and Delivery for Non-Local Clients!
  • Complimentary Copies made for Elderly and Disabled Customers!
  • Customizable Zoom Functionality for Easier Viewing and Reading!
  • 15% Discount: Pro Se Parties Only – Disabled or over age 70*

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Call 7-1-1 + (206) 651-4545 for Relay Service

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