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Call 7-1-1 + Artie Burns Jersey (206) 651-4545 for Relay Service

TTY / TTR / CRS / TRS Artie Burns Authentic Jersey / ASL / VRS and IP Relay Providers and Information:

Federal Trade Commission National TTY Call Relay Service – Artie Burns Womens Jersey and the Washington State Relay Operator Service: DIAL 7-1-1 from any telephone, and a TTY operator will assist you with your communication.

VRS / SVRS (Mobile, Tablets, Artie Burns Youth Jersey and PC)

May be used from any mobile device.

  1. PC – Visit: www.sorensonvrs.com/ntouch/ntouchpc_product
  2. MAC – Visit: www.sorensonvrs.com/ntouch/ntouchmac_product
  3. Tablet – Visit: www.sorensonvrs.com/ntouch/ntouchtablet_product
  4. Mobile Device (Cellular Telephone) – Visit: www.sorensonvrs.com/ntouch/ntouchios_product

IP Relay Service Providers:

  1. Sprint Relay – Visit: www.sprintip.com
  2. Purple Communications (IP Relay) – Visit: www.ip-relay.com

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