Here’s a set bookmark worthy resources, that might just come in handy!

State and County Government, Courts, and Legal Research Resources:

These aren’t just random links! The links provided for in the section below, are the some of online tools that we use the most.

On-line Court Resources (E-Filing, Case Search, Docket Info)

Legal Research Guides:

Unfortunately, the research resources that provide the most comprehensive information, particularly for case law research, aren’t free resources, so we’ll omit all but one of those here. However, the following set of resources may prove useful, and may be sufficient for your purposes. Don’t forget to check out Google Scholar, you might be surprised what you will find there.

Federal Court Locator

Do you know of another great resource link that we should add? If so, we’d love to hear about it!

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Washington State and Nationwide Legal Forms (Pro Forma):

The Smörgåsbord; A good compilation of useful resources:

Military Personnel Locator Service:

Phone Number Details – Validator:

New Prefix Assignments by Area Code:

Telephonic Investigation Tools (Switch/Routing/Loops):

Degree Verification (Its a 50/50 shot):

USPS Address Validation/Verification:

Directories (U.S., Canada, International):

Educational Outreach Resources for Parents:

Jail and Prison Inmates:

ICE Detainees (Nationwide):

Federal Prisoners (Nationwide):

Washington State County and Municipal Jails and Inmate Roster Information: