Service with Respect, Understanding, and Caution

The professional process services that we provide are essential to our justice system, and are a necessary obligation to the persons we serve process to, in order to ensure each citizen’s constitutional right of due process is met. However, despite such a noble basis for our function, we are naturally, more often than not, the bearer of undesirable news.

Each person responds differently when contacted, and emotions will often become uncontrollable. When we serve process for our clients, we provide process respectfully, with full understanding of the potentialities of a persons reactions, and with caution for our safety.

For it may only be papers that we are serving, but we are always mindful that the lives of those whom we serve, and often their families, will be affected by the professional actions we take,

Its not just papers we’re serving. Its people.


Integrity, ethics, respect, and professionalism, are principles that guide us in our business operations, and are the secret ingredients to our success.

We approach every case with an awareness of the risks involved, respect for the person we are serving and for the unpredictability of each person at the time of service, and pride ourselves on maintaining our professionalism, regardless of any hostility or other unbecoming actions that we are subjected to. Our process servers always focus on obtaining personal service of process, whenever possible, and always attempt to obtain evidence of the effectuation, so that our clients can rest easy, knowing that they won’t face an unnecessary challenge to service.

Our success, is your success, and we work with our clients as a team. We’re all in this together!

High Risk Service of Process

Mitigating risk and danger is essential when effecting service upon a potentially violent and hostile subject. We have years of experience in this area, are strategic in our approach, and focus on effecting service at the safest and soonest opportunity.

Stake Out Services

Sometimes, there’s no other way to effectuate service. We provide professional stake out services, and at the lowest professional rates in the industry.

Nationwide Service of Process (United States of America)

We provide nationwide service of process, in all fifty states and territories of the United States of America. Snohomish County Process Servers is your one-stop Jeremy Kerley Jersey solution for your national service needs.

International Service of Process

We provide international service of process via the Hague Service Convention, the Inter-American Treaty whenever applicable, and by way of private professional process servers.

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We provide a comprehensive scope of litigation support services. You have your legal team on staff, and we tie up all of the loose ends, maximizing your firm’s operational capacity, and eliminating the headaches of logistical service issues.

Once you’re on board, you have local, statewide, nationwide, and international process services at your fingertips, translation services only a click of your mouse away, irregular courier services available for those days when you must be in two places at once, court reporters ready to go when you need Jeremy Kerley Authentic Jersey them, and the cherry on top, is that we’re your own little spy shop Agent X.

With the ability to locate vehicles throughout the nation and obtain photographic and GPS evidence of their current location, direct access to the JIS/SCOMIS, three separate investigative databases, and one super duper law enforcement system that will knock you socks off, whether you’re working a tort claim, need a nationwide criminal background check, trying to find where that estranged spouse disappeared to, or need to prove that the subject of your action has left the borders of the State of Washington, we’ve gotcha covered!

Washington State Process Servers

We’re in it for you!

We provide bulk process services for organizations, private and public, and do so at the lowest Jeremy Kerley Womens Jersey rates available. Our bulk process services start at only $35 per serve, and we provide the ability to add affidavit upgrades for each serve, such as GPS and photographic evidence. We’ve been providing photographic evidence since 2009, and while some other organizations have just recently began to offer similar services, we’re still the only ones that provide our clients with an image of the person we serve, as opposed to an image of the place where we served them. To inquire about enrolling in our bulk services, give us a call today!

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • U.S. Government

  • State Agencies

  • Property Management Companies

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Foreclosure Firms

  • Collection Agencies

  • Process Service Agencies

Snohomish County Process Servers provides certified translation services for legal documents, identity documents, records, immigration documentation, and more, in Washington State, and throughout the United States

We provide certified translation services and standard translation services of legal documents, identity documents, records, immigration documentation, and more. Our translation services are not only provided to clients locally in the greater Seattle area of Washington State, but throughout Jeremy Kerley Youth Jersey the United States, and internationally.

We offer translation services in many languages, are able to  facilitate large assignments, are generally able to deliver the production within 48 hours of assignment, and the final production is always proof read by a secondary translator. Our translator’s experience includes marketing, public relations, human resources, media, technology, business, immigration, and legal. Our pricing straight forward, and priced at the lowest rate in the industry for qualified translations, and with the quickest turn around time available. Each page costs $35.00, with a maximum of 250 words per page. Its that simple!

  1. Upload your files

  2. Pay on-line

  3. Receive your translation by e-mail!

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We provide quality audio and video transcription services at an affordable price. Our turn around times are typically within 48 hours, and the ordering process is simple. You can order on-line for a headache free transaction process, upload your files to our server, and receive an e-mail with your transcription, in no time at all.

We accept countless file types, including the more common types, such as:

WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, DVD, DVF, MSV, AIFF/AIF, Webex, QuickTime, MOV, AVI, MP2, WMV, AMR, CAF, and more.

With straight forward pricing, a quick turn around, quality productions, we’ll have you ready to move forward in just a couple of days.