Litigation Support and Professional Services Overview

We provide our clients with all of the critical and essential litigation support services. Our clients know that regardless of whether they require a criminal background check to be performed, records retrieved locally or from a foreign jurisdiction, legal investigative research conducted in matter, a vehicle tracked to identify its current whereabouts, service of process executed in a pending legal matter, or service of process effectuated abroad via the Hague Convention, Inter-American Treaty, or by professional process server, they can trust that no matter their situation, we’re always on call, and ready to proceed however necessitated.

We offer the following professional services:

  • Civil Process Services
  • Commercial Debt Collection Services
  • Consumer Debt Collection Services
  • Criminal and Civil Background Checks – Statewide and Nationwide
  • Document Retrieval – Public Records Research Services
  • International Investigations – Service of Process – Deposition Services
  • Judgment Enforcement – Post Judgment Recovery/Litigation
  • Legal Investigation and Skip Tracing Services
  • Legal Messenger Services – Legal Courier Services
  • Legal Research Services and Public Records Research
  • Foreclosure Postings
  • Property Inspections – Abandonment and Damage Checks
  • Probate / Creditor Claims
  • Translation Services – Certified Translations
  • Transcription Services
  • Victims Assistance – Address Confidentiality Program

Civil Process Services

We serve any and all documents assigned to our office for the purpose of effectuating service of process upon a person or entity. The following is a brief summary of many of the documents and pleadings that we commonly assigned:
  • Summons & Complaints
  • Court Orders
  • Child Support Actions
  • Motions
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Restraining Orders
  • Show Cause Orders
  • Subpoenas
  • Supplemental Orders
  • Foreclosure Postings
  • Probate / Creditor Claims
  • Affidavits / Declarations
  • Anti-Harassment Orders
  • Contempt of Court
  • Writs of Execution
  • Writs of Garnishment
  • Demand Letters
  • No Contact Orders
  • Custody / Family Law Actions
  • No Contact Orders
  • Arbitration
  • Settlement Actions
  • Injunctions
  • Notices
  • Public Notices
  • Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders
  • Motions to Suppress
  • Responses

Commercial Debt Collection Services

We represent our clients in commercial matters, where a claim remains unpaid and due. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industries and commerce, and our expertise each area and unequaled alliance with law firms in various arena’s of law, provide our clients with the best representation possible, the greatest odds of 100% recovery, and a focused team that will relentlessly pursue their interests, and do so, nationally, Bud Dupree Jersey and internationally.

We represent businesses in the industrial trades, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, transportation, maritime, retail, insurance, and professional services sectors.

We report to all three major credit bureaus, litigate, and pursue all attachable funds, and assets, whenever necessitated.

Our clients understand know that when they assign their case to Snohomish County Process Servers, all efforts that can be made to collect their claims, will be made, and their bottom line, will reflect the difference we make.

100% Contingency | No Recovery = No Fee – Guaranteed!

Criminal and Civil Background Checks – Statewide and Nationwide

We provide comprehensive background checks that cover all criminal records, civil judgment records, eviction records, bankruptcies, sex offender registrations, not only for the State of Washington, but also throughout the United States of America, and its territories.

Our reports are more comprehensive than any of our competitors, and we offer them at the lowest rate in the industry.




Washington State and Nationwide


2 Hours or Less

Document Retrieval – Public Records Research Services

We research, locate, and physically retrieve records throughout the State of Washington, the United States, and internationally. The following are some of the more common record types that we are asked to obtain.
  • Criminal Bud Dupree Authentic Jersey Records
  • Wills
  • Motions
  • Birth Records
  • Municipal Records
  • Superior Court
  • Eviction Records
  • Foreclosures
  • Property Related
  • Probate Documents
  • Liens / Tax Liens
  • Marriage Records
  • County Records
  • Federal Court Records
  • Transcripts
  • Notices
  • Trusts / Transfers
  • Court Filings
  • Lis Pendens
  • Divorce Records
  • State Records
  • Court Orders
  • Applications
  • Supplemental Records
  • Quit Claims
  • Affidavits
  • Military Archives
  • Name Change Records
  • Small Claims
  • Judgments
  • Public Disclosures
  • Complaints

Foreclosure Services – Process (Postings & Service) – Crying the Sale at Auction – Buying

We offer the full spectrum of foreclosure services. We assist our clients through every step of the process, beginning with the posting of notices, service of process, and ultimately crying foreclosure sales at auction.

We also purchase properties at auction for clients, and do so throughout the State of Washington.We offer low rates for bulk business clients, and provide competitive rates for those who only require minimal services. Call now for a free analysis and quote!

Judgment Enforcement – Post Judgment Recovery/Litigation

We represent plaintiffs/judgment creditors who have won a judgment in a court of law, but who have been unable to collect the amount they are due.

Patience is not a virtue, when it comes to collecting your money, and a judgment that remains unsatisfied, serves no purpose unless it is assigned to the right professionals.

Law firms assist their clients with the initial litigation efforts to win their case, and secure a money judgment. We assist our clients with post judgment litigation and civil enforcement actions to secure the funds that the judgment entitles them to receive.

If you have an unpaid judgment and would like to see your case end with the collection of the amount owed to you, call us today for a free consultation, and to learn how we can assist you with your case. Call Now: (206) 651-4545

100% Contingency | No Recovery = No Fee – Guaranteed!

Legal Investigation and Skip Tracing Services

Snohomish County Process Servers provides our clients with the most comprehensive investigative offerings available. Our methods not only employ public records research, research via governmental systems, JIS/SCOMIS (Court and Judicial Systems), but also multiple proprietary investigative systems, and the good old fashioned field work, that is always likely to produce new information and leads, when they are otherwise absent. The evidential services that we provide our client attorneys, law firms, and government agencies, are unmatched, and not available anywhere else.
  • Subject Location Identification
  • Address Verification
  • Voter Records
  • State Licenses
  • Washington State Criminal Records
  • Nationwide Criminal Records
  • Washington State Civil Records
  • Nationwide Civil Records
  • Complete Address History
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Driving Records
  • Washington State Vehicle Records
  • Washington State Vessel Records
  • Nationwide Vehicle/Vessel Records
  • E-mail Records (addresses used)
  • Utility Records
  • Government Employment Records
  • Land line Phone Numbers
  • Cellular Phone Numbers
  • Relatives Phone Numbers
  • Neighbors Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Records
  • Postal Trace / P.O. Box Break Actions
  • Washington State Business Records
  • Associative Records
  • Charts Depicting familial & non-familial Relations
  • Washington State Business Records
  • Nationwide Business Records
  • Business Family Trees (Parent Company – Subsidiaries)
  • Washington State Foreclosure Records
  • Nationwide Foreclosure Records
  • Bank Account Location
  • Bankruptcies – Personal – Business
  • Photographic Vehicle Location Tracking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking – Photo and Coordinates
  • Asset and Property Reports
  • Business Phone Records
  • World Business Phone Records
  • World Business Records
  • World Business Family Tree (Parent – Subsidiary)
  • UCC Filings
  • USUPTO Records
  • Government Financial Records
  • Government Personnel Records (Including Income)

Legal Messenger Services – Legal Courier Services

While we frequently service requests for legal courier / legal messenger services to and from the following locations, if Bud Dupree Womens Jersey the request is not to simply perform a delivery or to pick up a specific item that is prepared and/or ready for us upon arrival, your order may be considered an order for document research / document retrieval, or a process service, and if so, the rates for those service types will apply.
  • Snohomish County Superior Court
  • Snohomish County District Courts
  • Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Snohomish County Tax Assessor
  • Snohomish County Auditor
  • Snohomish County Recorders Office
  • Everett Municipal Court
  • Everett Prosecuting Attorney (City)
  • Lynnwood Municipal Court
  • Lynnwood Prosecuting Attorney (City)
  • King County Superior Court
  • King County District Courts
  • King County Prosecuting Attorney
  • King County Tax Assessor
  • King County Auditor
  • King County Recorders Office
  • Seattle Municipal Court
  • Prosecuting Attorney (Municipal)
  • Bellevue Municipal Court
  • Pierce County Superior Court
  • Pierce County District Court
  • Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Pierce County Sheriffs Department
  • Pierce County Tax Assessor
  • Pierce County Auditor
  • Pierce County Recorders Office
  • Tacoma Municipal Court
  • Tacoma Prosecuting Attorney (City)

Legal Research Services and Public Records Research

Our legal research services include public records research, skip tracing (tracking of a person or property) services, and in person, on scene inquiries and research, whenever necessitated.
  • Criminal Records
  • Petitions
  • Marriage / Divorce
  • Property Records
  • Levy Records
  • Small Claims
  • Unlawful Detainers / Evictions
  • Court Orders
  • Birth Records
  • Probate Records
  • Supplemental
  • District Court
  • Domestic Violence
  • Civil Judgments
  • Death Records
  • Estate Records
  • Executions
  • Superior Court Actions
  • Federal Court Records
  • District Court Records
  • Charging Orders
  • Deeds
  • Liens
  • Garnishments

Property Inspections – Abandonment and Damage Checks

We provide property abandonment checks to lenders, property owners, property management companies, and attorney’s. If you need to determine whether a property has been abandoned or is still occupied in Western Washington, we will conduct a site inspection of the property and report the properties status.

If we identify damage that requires a cost estimate, we’ll facilitate a formal and certified property inspection, and represent our clients in the collection actions and litigation necessitated to recover the cost of any repairs required.



Average Turnaround Time:

48 Hours or Less



Translation Services – Certified Translations

We assist clients who need their immigration, legal, marriage, and other personal certificates and documents translated for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Clients come to Snohomish County Process Servers for their certified translation needs because of our fast turnaround, attractive prices, and excellent customer service. We take certified translation very seriously, as we know that many clients depend on our work to attain citizenship or other legal status. We accept your documents in many formats: pdf, jpg, gif, txt, Word, and more.



Average Turnaround Time:

48 Hours or Less

Guaranteed Translation Accuracy:


Transcription Services

We provide accurate and affordable audio and video transcription at a reasonable price. We take audio or video files (or links online) and transcribe them quickly and accurately. Our global team of highly trained and experienced transcription professionals will complete your projects quickly and accurately. Our quality control team consists of senior transcriptionists who review and edit the work of our junior transcribers, adding an additional layer of proofreading to ensure our clients receive highly accurate transcriptions.

Our easy-to-use order process enables our clients to quickly place orders online in just a few minutes time. After creating an account, clients can save payment information and other Bud Dupree Youth Jersey preferences, speeding up future ordering even further. For our business clients with long-term recurring needs, we offer corporate accounts with monthly billing and other advanced features.



Average Turnaround Time:

48 Hours or Less



Victims Assistance – Address Confidentiality Program

Victims of domestic violence, stalking, harassment, assault, or other crimes, are in a vulnerable position, and need some assistance in protecting their vital information.

There are many ways that a person can locate a person they intend to contact, not only via the internet, but also through a ‘legitimate’ legal process. P.O. boxes are not a safe manner of concealing one’s residential address. It is a barrier that helps safeguard one’s residential address, however, its one that can be easily overcome with certain knowledge, or professional assistance.

The best manner for a victim to protect their identity is to enroll in our Victims Assistance Address Confidentiality Program, for all service of process purposes, and to ensure that they have also contacted the Secretary of State, and have enrolled in their Bud Dupree Kids Jersey address confidentiality program as well. This will ensure that for all voting purposes, governmental mailing purposes, and legal service of process and other court related purposes, their address is held in strict confidentiality.

Taking additional steps to ensure one’s privacy is highly recommended. We offer a free consultation with each order, to help victim’s learn how best to protect their personal information, and remain elusive to persons who pose a threat to their well being and safety.