Full service litigation support agency, with all the bennies!

Process Services, Vance Mcdonald Jersey Legal Investigations, Skip Tracing, Document Research Vance Mcdonald Authentic Jersey and Vance Mcdonald Womens Jersey Retrieval, Case Research, Legal Messengers and Couriers, and more!

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On-line ordering, affidavits, reporting, & invoicing available.

Everything you need and want, …delivered directly to your inbox. NaVorro Bowman Jersey Yes, NaVorro Bowman Authentic Jersey we make NaVorro Bowman Womens Jersey it NaVorro Bowman Youth Jersey that NaVorro Bowman Kids Jersey simple.

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Friendly support, focus on results, and experience where it counts

We’re real Marquise Goodwin Jersey people, with a family approach in how we conduct business, who has answers when you have questions or will find them if we Marquise Goodwin Authentic Jersey don’t, with a general practice of exceeding our clients expectations, and an unquenchable thirst Marquise Goodwin Womens Jersey to please our clients.

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Reliable performance, unequivocal evidential offerings, and an increased bottom line. Just the way you like it.

Offering the lowest rates in Malcolm Smith Jersey the industry, more evidential offerings than Malcolm Smith Authentic Jersey anybody Malcolm Smith Womens Jersey else, with Malcolm Smith Youth Jersey a focus on compliance with statutes and civil rules.

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Customizable service offerings. You get, what you want.

Order Logan Paulsen Jersey a Logan Paulsen Authentic Jersey service with a regular affidavit of service, or bullet proof your affidavit by adding photographic, video, Logan Paulsen Womens Jersey and GPS evidence!

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Updates as they happen, directly from field, and with GPS coordinates.

Hear the news, as it happens, and obtain Kyle Juszczyk Jersey the GPS coordinates recorded at the Kyle Juszczyk Authentic Jersey time Kyle Juszczyk Womens Jersey of the attempt or effectuation.

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When you bring the Volume, we bring the Savings!

We understand the client side demands of law firms, banks, and collection agencies with high volume assignment levels. We also understand that while law firms and banks with large case management levels typically have time sensitive cases that require a prompt response and the ability to jump through some difficult hurdles at times, collection agencies make a personal investment into their litigation efforts in an attempt to achieve high performance statistics for their commercial and government clients.

We’re all in this together, and we treat your business, like its our own. Snohomish County Process Servers focuses on communicating realistic capabilities and achieving a realistic expectation from our clients, meeting the demands of their case load, and ensuring that each case is handled with proper care, and diligence in performance.

We put the Proof, in the Proof of Service.

  1. Photographic Evidence Available!

  2. Video Evidence Available!

  3. GPS Evidence Available!

We take the prima facie aspect out of service of process, by offering our clients the ability to add an extra level of insurance to their proofs of service, and do so by providing photographic evidence of the subject at the moment that service was effected, video evidence for those high risk serves or family law cases where you think we might just witness some illegal activities at the time of service, and GPS coordinates of where the effectuation was executed, to keep all you Yankee fans in compliance with the requirements of New York City.

Photographic Corey Linsley Authentic Jersey Evidence

Video Evidence

GPS Evidence

Compliant with the requirements of New York City, New York County, and New York State.*
Notice that a recording is under way is provided to all parties at the time of the recording. Images depicted herein, are public record, as they have been submitted to various courts of the United States as evidence.

Credit challenged? No problem! We offer pay as you go plans, and limited credit options requiring only a down payment with a reasonable payment Corey Linsley Jersey plan.

Bulk rates starting at only $35. Let’s get your papers out on the road!

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Diverse and Loyal Clientèle

General Public (Pro Se / Pro Per)

We assist the general public with various legal services. While many find themselves involved in small claims litigation, many others need assistance in personal family law matters, while others may only require that somebody be located in order for them to serve the subject by mail, or before sending us into the field. Whether its translation services, notary services, case research and document retrieval, we’re proud to assist our community.

Local and Nationwide Business

We provide services to businesses locally and nationally, whenever they require professional process services, legal investigative services, translation services, or records retrieved from a court, locally, or internationally.

Private Investigators

We assist local, national, and international Corey Linsley Kids Jersey private investigation agents and firms with domestic process services, translation services, legal investigation services, and the informal or formal international service of process.

Landlords - Property Managers - Property Management Companies

We provide the vital legal support services required by landlords and property managers throughout the State of Washington, and nationally. We provide criminal background checks, diligence screening services, service of process of pay or vacate notices, and of the formal pleadings in unlawful detainer actions, and once the defendants have been evicted successfully, we even assist them with the debt recovery cycle, by providing a direct referral, at a discounted rate, to our collection agency partners, or to an attorney in their area at the lowest professional rates available.

Collection Agencies

We provide the ARM industry with the essential legal support services that they require in order to maintain an functional and pro-active legal department, when pursuing litigation on behalf of their clients outstanding receivables. We are adept at dealing with defendant debtors who are likely to evade service efforts, are difficult to locate, and who otherwise may be likely to challenge service at a later time. We strongly recommend our collection agency clients to invest in their organizations legal efforts, and therefore their clients, by upgrading their affidavits from a standard affidavit / declaration / certificate, to include photographic or GPS evidence of the effectuation. While additional evidence may not be traditional insurance, it certainly strengthens a plaintiff’s case when poised with a allegation of insufficiency of service, and prevents unnecessary costs at a later time, when defending against such allegations, and/or re-serving the pleadings once again, to quash such a response.

Banks - Financial Institutions

We provide banks and financial institutions with the important foreclosure services that they require. When a home owner defaults, time is of the essence, as the financial losses will multiply quite quickly. Our services begin with the posting of foreclosure notices, to formal civil service of process of filed pleadings, to the crying of the sale of the home, once the foreclosure has been secured.

Process Servers

We provide process servers throughout the United States with the effectuation of service within the State of Washington and abroad. Whenever a serve is required in our jurisdiction, just hand us the baton, and we’ll take you to the finish line, and do so at the industry standard rates for forwarded accounts.

Independent Attorney's - Law Firms - Super Firms

Our attorney clients are loyal, and for good reason. We treat their business as though it is our own. Our relationships with our clients are built on trust, confidence, dependability, and performance. Our clients are our friends, and when working on cases together, we frequently feel like we’re working under the same roof. We work as a team in every capacity, and never forget that we’re all in this together.

Washington State Courts

When the Washington Courts find themselves responsible for facilitating service of process, particularly in criminal cases of incompetency, upon a party to an action, we’re dispatched as necessary. Sometimes this means that we are effectuating personal service of process upon government personnel, sometimes we’re serving an inmate in a penal institution or federal prison, and other times it may be as simple as paying a visit to a county jail. We are the only process server’s who have been pre-screened by a Sheriff’s Department, and provided with security clearance for professional visitation in the county jail.

Government Agencies

We provided regular and irregular professional process services, legal investigation services, and translation services for various government agencies. While many are local municipal or county agencies, many more are state or federal agencies.

Foreign Pro Se Parties - Business Entities - Attorney's - Law Firms

We facilitate service of process within the United States for foreign citizens, businesses, attorney’s, and law firms, who require a subject to be served within our borders. Whether their located in Canada, Russia, Malaysia, or anywhere else, we make facilitation of service of process in the United States, a simplified matter. With partnering agents and companies throughout the U.S., we’re able to effectuate service for our international clients in any corner of the United States, including Alaska, and our territories.

We’re batting 1.000! Thousands of cases served, zero overturned.

Thousands of serves after our opening day in 2009, and we’ve never been sanctioned, never been sued, and never had a single serve over turned.

Contested serves, you ask? Oh yes, we’ve had a few. We’ve faced challenges from the legal fields best and brightest in defense of their clients, but not one has been able to overcome the evidence we submit supporting the facts we present to the court by declaration. We’re down to Earth and understand that, sooner or later, Corey Linsley Womens Jersey it may just happen one day. That’s why our approach to every case is to obtain personal service if at all possible, secure evidence proving the effectuation, and meet every challenge to service head on, whenever necessary.

There’s more than a few reasons why our clients trust us.

The Jury is in, and here’s their ruling…