Based in Snohomish County, Washington, Snohomish County Process Servers provides litigation support services for attorney’s, law firms, collection agencies, government agencies, and pro se persons throughout Eli Harold Jersey the State of Washington, and the nationally. Our services not only include service of legal process, but also document research and retrieval, legal messenger services, legal investigative services, Freedom of Information Act Requests, certified translation services, and limited courier services.

We offer the most comprehensive level of service offerings to our clients, such as photographic evidence, video evidence, GPS evidence, and real-time process server tracking while en route to a serve. Our Affidavits are distributed to our clients by e-mail via our case management system, and provides a case summary, and a permanent link to the affidavit for each case, that may be accessed at any time in the future.

International service of process is a premium service we offer to our clients, whenever necessitated. Through partnerships with various agencies, private process servers, and investigators, regardless of where a subject of a legal action is located, we’re able to effectuate service either by way of traditional service by process server, or pursuant to the Hague Service Convention, and when applicable, the Inter-American Treaty.

We put the Proof, in the Proof of Service.

  1. Photographic Evidence Available!

  2. Video Evidence Available!

  3. GPS Evidence Available!

We take the prima facie aspect out of service of process, by offering our clients the ability to add an extra level of insurance to their proofs of service, and do so by providing photographic evidence of the subject at the moment that service was effected, video evidence for those high risk serves or family law cases where you think we might just witness some illegal activities at the time of service, and GPS coordinates of where the effectuation was executed, to keep all you Yankee fans in compliance with the requirements of New York City.

Photographic Evidence

Video Evidence

GPS Evidence

Compliant with the requirements of New York City, New York County, and New York State.*
Notice that a recording is under way is provided to all parties at the time of the recording. Images depicted herein, are public record, as they have been submitted to various courts of the United States Eli Harold Authentic Jersey as evidence.

We’re batting 1.000! Thousands of cases served, zero overturned.

Thousands of serves after our opening day in 2009, and we’ve never been sanctioned, never been sued, and never had a single serve over turned.

Contested serves, you ask? Oh yes, we’ve had a few. Eli Harold Youth Jersey We’ve faced challenges from the legal fields best and brightest in defense of their clients, but not one has been able to overcome the evidence we submit supporting the facts we present to the court by declaration. We’re down to Earth and understand that, sooner or later, it may just happen one day. That’s why our approach to every case is to obtain personal service if at all possible, secure evidence proving the effectuation, and meet every Eli Harold Kids Jersey challenge to service head on, whenever necessary.

There’s more than a few reasons why our clients trust us.

The Jury is in, and here’s there ruling…

I use Snohomish County Process Servers for all of my cases.  They are Roger Staubach Jersey professional and have accomplished every service, even when I had no address or clue where to find the person. They can Roger Staubach Authentic Jersey find individuals because they are skilled investigators. Their service affidavits are excellent. They include detailed descriptions of the service with observations of the person’s demeanor and the environment where the service was made.  They also provide photographic proof of service which shuts down the “I was Roger Staubach Womens Jersey never served” arguments Roger Staubach Youth Jersey quickly. They accomplish services on short notice as well. They have saved me several times. I am Roger Staubach Kids Jersey grateful I found them early in my practice as I believe there are some cases that would not have proceeded without their skills and professionalism.
Veronica Freitas of V. Freitas Law, PLLC - Seattle Divorce Attorney
Veronica Freitas; V. Freitas Law, PLLC.
Unquestionably the very best professional service company that we have done business with. We work together as a team. They are experts in their profession and our eyes Terry Bradshaw Jersey in the field. Terry Bradshaw Authentic Jersey They provide Terry Bradshaw Womens Jersey invaluable insight, analysis, and strategy, Terry Bradshaw Youth Jersey make adjustments on the fly, and always leave us impressed. They hold our hands Terry Bradshaw Kids Jersey through the whole process.
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